The Rejection Whisperer

nod & let go

1 Copy a writing rejection or try an example.

3 The editor meant…

What do I do next?
  • Breathe. Yes, this isn't what you wanted. But it's just one draft of one piece at one place.
  • Update your submission tracker with this outcome. Onward.
  • Are you still waiting to hear back about this piece from somewhere else?
    Yes, waiting

    A different editor might have different news.

    Not waiting

    Find the next opportunity for this piece.

  • And you can always ask—is it time to write the next draft?
How many others got this response?

No number will change what you cannot control. What matters is what you do next.

But don't rejections have tiers?

A no is still a no.

What if I disagree?

Let me know, so I can improve this.

Why did you make this?

Because obsessing over Duotrope's numbers, Submittable statuses, and the wording of rejections isn't a good use of our creative time. Nod & let go.